Dr. Rakesh Chandra MD, JD, LLM

About Me:

Dr. Rakesh Chandra, MD, JD, LL.M (Health Law) is the founder, president and medical director of RASSIK Complete Recovery. Dr. Chandra is a psychiatrist with over forty years of experience in the in-patient and out-patient treatment of addiction and psychiatric conditions. He works at several in-patient and out-patient facilities in Illinois and Kentucky, and notably is also the medical director of USUI Behavioral Health Systems in Carbondale, Illinois, and medical director of the geropsychiatric unit at Jackson Purchase Medical Center, in Mayfield, Kentucky. Dr. Chandra also serves as the behavioral health physician advisor for Quorum Health Resources, and as a Professor of Psychiatry at the Kentucky Medical College of Osteopathic Medicine at the University of Pikeville in Pikeville. In his free time, Dr. Chandra enjoys spending time with his family and dogs, as well as working on his upcoming book and dreaming up new projects.